The allocations of a semi-dedicated server

As its name implies, a Linux semi-dedicated servers resembles a dedicated server. You share the system resources of a full–fledged dedicated server with only several other users as opposed to the 100’s of clients on a shared server. Thus, you get access to an abundance of server resources at a more affordable price. Plus, a semi–dedicated server is less difficult to manage in comparison to a full–fledged dedicated server.

In contrast to a dedicated server, you won’t have root access to your web hosting environment and will not have the ability to select a server Operating System and a Control Panel. But, you’ll be able to take advantage of Web Site Host Master’s state–of–the–art cloud hosting platform, which boasts a fantastic stability.

A cloud web hosting system

Web Site Host Master’s Linux semi-dedicated servers are based on Web Site Host Master’s in–house created cloud hosting platform. This means that you’ll enjoy an excellent service stability despite the fact that you will be sharing the physical machine with a few other clients.

The cloud web hosting system also allows you to easily move from a shared plan to a semi–dedicated server. Our technical engineers will handle the transfer for you. Nothing is required on your part. What is more, you will be able to easily switch between the different semi–dedicated server setups.

Another major advantage of our cloud hosting platform is that your server will come bundled with our Hepsia Control Panel and all the free–of–cost site setup tools associated with it, including a Cost Free Website Creating Instrument and a Application Installer.

Straightforward Web Site Control Panel

A semi–dedicated server is much easier to manage in comparison with a dedicated server owing to the cloud web hosting system it is based on and the Web Site Control Panel it comes with.

Web Site Host Master’s custom–built web hosting Control Panel is built to work in the cloud. As a result, it works very fast and offers a remarkably intuitive interface where changing file permissions or setting up a Varnish instance is as easy as A, B, C. The Control Panel also offers seamless navigation, so you can swiftly go from one section to another and easily find your way around.

What is more, you do not have to be worried about server administration procedures. We’ll keep track of your semi–dedicated server 24x7 and will carry out all the essential server maintenance tasks for you. In this way, you can concentrate only on your websites.

A good amount of complimentary bonuses

The custom–created Control Panel that comes with every semi–dedicated server by default, includes a number of charge–free bonuses and tools for building and advertising your web sites with a click of the mouse.

With the 1–click Application Installer and the instant Web Based Site Installer, you can kick off your new online journal, Internet forum or online image gallery in an instant. With the built–in Marketing Resources, you can create a new site map or embed RSS feeds into your website. Using exhaustive web analytics statistics, you can keep an eye on your web site’s online performance 24–7.

And with a host of Website Accelerators like Memcached and Varnish, you can increase the speed of your busy sites and make them obtain better rankings in search engine results pages.

Improved hosting server safety

Your semi–dedicated server will offer the biggest level of security for your ever–demanding sites and applications.

The software architecture around which Web Site Host Master’s cloud web hosting system was built, is based upon SELinux – a security–enhanced version of the Linux Operating System. Web Site Host Master’s administrators have also made custom improvements to make everything work even better. This way, your server will ensure a stable and riskless web hosting environment for your websites.

Besides, all our Linux semi-dedicated servers can be purchased in our extremely secure data centers, which keep a number of anti–DDoS units and guarantees a safe internal network.