When you work with a database-driven script application for your site, all content that you or the website users add, will be stored in cells and tables inside a database, not as ordinary text in the application files. In comparison, HTML websites are static and all the content on such a website is a part of the actual HTML files. An online store app, for instance, takes all items, prices, user reviews, and many others, from its database and this is valid for any kind of script that enables you to make a dynamic website. The more the content you insert, the larger the database gets, so when you use a script-driven site, you should make sure that your web hosting package comes with adequate database storage space. The aforementioned applies regardless of what type of databases you employ - for instance MySQL or PostgreSQL.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Cloud Web Hosting
In case you choose our cloud web hosting services, you will be able to increase the content and the user base of your PostgreSQL-driven websites as much as you will need as a part of our plans contain unrestricted database storage. Even if you get a lower-end package, you will be able to improve either the database space feature or the entire package, so as to have sufficient resources for your sites. We use a custom cloud platform and we've got an entire cluster for the database storage. Because no other processes run on these servers, the general performance is much better and we can put more servers or HDDs when they are needed. No matter how many elements you include in your web shop or how many comments users leave on your community forum, you will never encounter any issues caused by insufficient database storage space.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you purchase a semi-dedicated server from us, you can reap the benefits of our powerful cloud web hosting platform. Due to the fact that the databases have their separate cluster of servers and do not run on the same machines as the server or the emails, any script-driven website which you host here will perform better than if it was hosted on a server where various processes run. The cloud hosting platform is also the reason why we can afford to offer unlimited storage for the PostgreSQL databases set up in each semi-dedicated hosting account. You will be able to see the size of the databases you set up inside your Control Panel, both the individual for all of them as well as the overall, yet you won't be restricted in terms of the amount of space they can take, therefore all your PostgreSQL-driven sites can grow without any restrictions.