When you intend to start a hosting reseller business, you can consider reselling domains as well. The two services can really make your new company more appealing to clients, due to the fact that they'll be able to acquire all that they need for their websites from a single place. This way, you will be able to target a lot more people and the number of your clients will rise. A large number of web hosting reseller back-end solutions have the option to connect to a registrar company with the API of the aforementioned, which means that the registration process can be automated. Having your very own domain reseller account will provide you with additional control and it will enable you to provide more effective and faster support to your customers. Furthermore, the price which you'll pay for a new domain name will be lower when compared to what you?d have to pay as an end customer. A deposit is usually required for a new domain reseller account.
Enom Domain Name Reseller Account in VPS Servers
When you get a VPS servers through us and you select the cPanel web hosting Control Panel during the registration process, you won't need to look any further for a domain reseller account, since we'll ensure that you get one at no additional charge. The account will be with one of the biggest ICANN-accredited registrars, eNom, and it will allow you to provide numerous domain extensions to your clients - both generic and country-specific ones. The main advantage of using the account which we'll give you is that it will be under our account with them, therefore you will not be expected to pay the deposit they usually require and you will be able to register and renew website names at a lower price. You can use the eNom account with almost any payment software which you intend to use to charge your clients, including ClientExec. The last mentioned is one of the freebies we supply with every single cPanel-based virtual server package.
Enom Domain Name Reseller Account in Dedicated Servers
When you acquire a dedicated server through our company with the intention to start reselling the space, you'll have an advantage over the competition, because we give a totally free domain reseller account with all the servers which are obtained with the cPanel web hosting Control Panel. In this way, you will be able to supply over one hundred domain extensions from around the globe, that will make your company more attractive to prospective clients. The account that we will give you will be with one of the very best registrars that you can find - eNom. The advantage of using it as opposed to registering directly with them or with some other domain supplier is that your account will be created under our account with them, and since we use their top plan, you will not need to make any deposits and you'll have the opportunity to register new website names at the lowest possible price. The eNom account can be integrated with all of the popular reseller billing solutions, including ClientExec, that we provide free of charge with all of the cPanel-equipped servers as well.