A domain is an easy-to-use and unique web address which you're able to get for your website. It routes a numeric IP address that is employed to distinguish sites and units on the Internet but it's incredibly easier to remember or distribute. Each domain features two separate parts - the actual name that you select plus its extension. To give an example, in domain.com, “domain” is termed Second-Level Domain and it is the part you have the option to choose, whereas “.com” is the extension, which is also called Top-Level Domain (TLD). You can purchase your domain through any accredited registrar company or transfer an existing one between registrars when the extension supports this option. This kind of a transfer does not change the possession of your domain name; the one thing that changes is where you can manage that domain name. Most domain name extensions are free for registration by any kind of entity, however numerous country-code extensions have specific conditions like local presence or a valid company registration.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Cloud Web Hosting
If you acquire a cloud web hosting account from our company, you'll be able to register domains with over 50 generic and country-code extensions, for instance .com, .net, .me, .pro, .tv, .co.uk and many more. For some of the abovementioned we are an accredited registrar, while for many others we partner with some of the major registrar companies available, so we will offer you almost split-second registration and domain administration services. In case you already have a domain name via a different provider, you are able to easily migrate it over and manage it together with your shared web hosting plan via our all-in-one Hepsia Control Panel. You'll get full control over all your domain names at any time and you shall be able to renew them, set up customized domain records, set Privacy Protection and a lot more.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you decide to register your new domain name after you get a Linux semi-dedicated server through our company, you'll have more than 50 extensions to pick from, both generic and country-code ones. For most of them, we are a certified registrar, that enables us to provide speedy registration services. For others, we work with several of the largest organizations on the internet market. If you already have domains from another company, you'll be able to move them with us and control them in one place with your semi-dedicated account. As some extensions feature specific conditions to be registered or moved, we'll help you through the process up till your site is fully operational on our end. We'll also give you an advanced Domain Manager interface, via which you're able to order/renew domains, obtain Whois Privacy Protection for them, create tailor-made records, manage the WHOIS contact information, and many more.
Domain Registration/Transfer in VPS Servers
If you buy a VPS server package through us, you'll also be able to register a new domain name for your future website throughout the account obtaining process. If you'd like to get more domain names, you can get them all at once by using the VPS Control Panel at a later time. Depending on your target country and the type of your sites, you'll be able to select from 50+ different domain name extensions and register names with the ones that will suit your requirements best. All of your brand new domains will be available online right away because we're a licensed registrar for the majority of the extensions and we work with the best acclaimed registrars for all the rest. If you'd like to host domain names that are registered in a different place, you can transfer them over and control them from a single place using your VPS account. Here, you will have complete control of them, such as DNS management, which is an option that a lot of other companies offer at a further charge.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Servers
When you buy a dedicated server package through us, you might as well benefit from our domain registration solutions. You will be able to obtain a brand new name with any of the 50+ extensions that we provide or move an existing one with some other registrar and control it along with your server. All our services are quick and particularly budget-friendly owing to the fact that we work with an ICANN-certified registrar which allows us to offer you a multitude of domain management solutions without any additional fees. Depending on the country or area that you wish to aim at and the content that you will have on your site, you can pick the most suitable country-code or generic domain extension and create localized web sites. When you select a TLD which has some specific pre-registration requirements, we'll help you from the moment we obtain your order up until your domain is uploaded and functioning.